Canola oil for dry cooking hands

When I’m cooking I’m constantly plagued by dry hands, due to the fact that I’m constantly washing veggies, washing dishes, cleaning off my counters, etc.  Of course, it’s impractical to put on lotion, so I usually just suck it up, but it’s no less annoying.  The other night as I was reusing some canola oil that I’d saved in a jar (from frying the tofu for “golden star tofu”) I scrapped the side of the jar with my finger to prevent the excess oil from spilling on to the counter; then I instinctively (as if it were lotion) rubbed the little bit of oil all over my hands.  It felt great!  And the best part is – it’s cooking oil so you don’t feel like you have to rinse it off!  You can continue to cook with hands that aren’t irritatingly dry. 

Maybe this is common knowledge and I’m just now discovering this handy tip, but I wanted to share with others who may have this same problem and not know of a nice remedy.

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