Working out with Emily has expanded my fitness experience. After years of yoga and jogging I never felt or saw a change in my body. I remember the first few times she told me to do some exercises I laughed (literally).  After a few months a friend saw me and noticed a change in my physic, better posture and toned arms. I still laugh when Emily tells me to run faster or use a heavier weight but now I know that can do it. I did not expect these changes in my body in my 40s.



Okay, not meaning to brag or sound conceited BUT my abs, obliques, hips, legs, arms & shoulders are chiseled!!! I feel so fit & toned in my swimsuit at the pool & love my 56-year-old body, Thank you for being my trainer & doing the work that you do. You’re really good at your profession, Emily!



Emily workouts are amazing! They are fun and upbeat. Yes, I'm exhausted and pushing myself to the extreme, but because she keeps the music pumping and the exercises changing, I don't even realize an hour has passed. I have learned to push myself to go a bit longer and to try challenging exercises that I've avoided in the past.



I was not a hard core exerciser before I started working with Emily, though I always worked out -- running, cycling, swimming, etc. Emily is definitely the hardest trainer I've ever worked with but it TOTALLY pays off -- you feel stronger and more capable than ever before. Emily is also so encouraging and awesome that she even makes the pain fun! She's the BEST — she won't just be a trainer, she'll be a friend.



Emily is amazing! I’ve been going to her classes for about 2 years. When training with her, there have been plenty of times that I have thought, “WTF did I get myself into?” She’s always challenging you and pushes you to perform at your best! Her classes are ALWAYS different so you’ll never get bored and she knows her stuff. She will help you reach any fitness goals you have.



Beast mode. That's what you get when you train with Emily. If you don't want to be pushed to your max, find another trainer or take another class. Training with Emily will be intense and rewarding. You may arrive dry, but you're going to leave dripping wet with sweat. More importantly, you can rest assured that you will have burnt more calories than you would in your average group fitness class or training by yourself.



Working out with Emily is an inspiration, her passion for fitness exudes from her soul. Her energy is contagious! She is encouraging and a strong teacher.


BE the next success story

Emily is ready to help you reach your fitness goals. She'll be your coach, teacher and friend.