EMILY's outdoor group workouts

All group workouts follow social distancing guidelines; and no equipment is shared.    Join us for a fun and effective workout!  Below is the temporary winter schedule.  Check back for more class offerings when the weather gets a little warmer.

M/W/F: 6:30am (Five Points Center for Active Adults parking lot, 2000 Noble Rd.)

Thursdays: 12pm (Isabella Cannon Park, 2601 Kilgore Ave)

Saturdays: 8:30am (Parking Deck adjacent Halifax Mall, downtown Raleigh)

Text 503 830 5712 for more info or to sign up!


Have a special event, or just a small group interested in group fitness outside of the times offered above?  Contact me and I'm happy to organize small group boot camp, yoga, or yoga sculpt classes, for 4 or more people at other times!  $30/person for a pop up class.


"Thank you so much for the awesome workout!! You have such a gift! I've been working out from home daily but definitely don't push myself that hard! And your strength combos were so different and more challengin than what I've been doing from home!"
"Class was so good this morning!! (It always is). I don't think there is a muscle in my body that isn't sore after Monday and today!"
"Thanks for the amazing class Emily. A good trainer knows how to create a routine that kicks your butt...but only a great trainer knows when to push you harder. Loved when I saw those heavier weights appear in front of me when you noticed I could use a little push!"